10 House Warming Gifts

Something that comes with being a post grad, is house warming gifts. With everyone starting new careers and moving into new homes, you've got to have an idea of what to take over the first time you stop by. Luckily for all my friends, i'm still living at home, but to help ease this worry, I decided to brainstorm 10 gift ideas that would make wonderful additions to any new home. 

1. Wreath
This would be perfect for someone moving into a house or an apartment, because it would distinguish their front door from their neighbors (easier for you to find next time). You could DIY or buy one from a nearby store.

2. Wine & Cheese 
Let's admit it, who doesn't love the perfect combination of wine and cheese? The answer should be no one. Pair your wine and cheese set with a cutting board and you've got the best possible combination for a house warming gift. 

3. DIY Painted Kitchen Towels
Whip it good. Just eat it. Chop it like it's hot. Too great! These are perfect for anyone who spends a decent amount of their time in the kitchen. These towels will also be great conversation pieces for any party. Click here to get instructions on how to make these crafty works of art. 

4. Take A Break & Get Hammered
As you can see, wine is a reoccurring theme on my list. This witty gift gives you an opportunity to put your own personal touch through the note. The gift is simple: all it requires is a bottle of wine, a hammer, a humorous note, and a bow.

5. Kitchen Kit
For any of the cooking connoisseurs, or just anyone who loves food, this is the perfect gift. You can use a baking mitt, a mixing bowl, or whatever holder you think would work best. Then, add in items that your friend would enjoy most and voila. Maybe you can even convince them to cook for you with their new utensils. 

6. Soup In A Jar
Who doesn't love a big bowl of soup to warm them up in the fall? This would be perfect for someone who just moved in and doesn't quite have everything they need. For the first night (or week), dinner is on you. Find the recipe here

7. A Plant
Plants make homes very cozy, and bonus points if it's a plant they can use. Plants like Basil, Parsley, and Cilantro are used frequently in my house and in many recipes, so those are good starters. Put the plant in a cute pot and you've got a gift that keeps giving. Click here for directions on how to make a chalkboard pot (featured above). 

8. Welcome Mat
Nothing says welcome more than a great welcome mat. If you can find the perfect mat to fit your friends personality, then you're golden. Start your search at places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Pier 1, and other home stores. 

9. Candle
Candles are a necessity in every home because they smell amazing and are visually appealing. If your friend doesn't have one, then you need to help them out ASAP. My favorite brand of candles is WoodWick, because it sounds like a crackling fire (the absolute best), but Anthropologie also has some really cute decorative ones. You can find the candle above here

10. Baked Goods
Lastly, the most simple of all, baked goods. Nothing says welcome to your new home more than a batch of homemade cookies (or packaged if baking isn't your thing). Any type of baked good would work: muffins, banana bread, cupcakes, brownies, candy, etc. Package your goods with these adorable printables (shown above) and you're ready to take on any housewarming party.  

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