Happy Rainy Friday!

As much as I wish I could be outside playing around in the rain, it is way too cold and misty out there. And, even though it is a gross day, it is the best day of the week. It's Friday!! I will take my Friday rain, shine, or storm, because as long as it has a weekend after it, i'm one happy girl. Luckily here in Atlanta, today is really the only rainy day we'll have this weekend so I can explore more of the city with pretty skies. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! 

Here are my favorite links from this week:
Healthy food is expensive so Thrive Market is here to help. Shop online and get great food at wholesale prices. 

Looking for a new book? Try one of these that inspired Oscar-worthy films

Caution: don't watch this in a quiet room. 

Neiman Marcus is having a great sale with extra 25% off now through Monday.

I know everyone is busy and it's hard to eat healthy when you don't have the time. This article gives you tips to make it a little easier. 

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