Montego Bay, Jamaica Trip Recap

This is a little late, but I wanted to give y'all a recap of my recent trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. First off, the house was amazing and had the most beautiful views of the island. When we first got there, we were welcomed by the most friendly staff and instantly threw on our bathing suits. Coming from 40° weather, we needed some sun asap.

Here's our view from the back of the house:

The next day, we went to the market with our cook to pick out food for the upcoming week. It was a great experience and everyone was super friendly. I even got to try fresh coconut water right out of the coconut! I don't think i'll ever be able to drink store bought coconut water again.

Here's one of the tents at the market:

Here's the vendor, Mark, cutting open our fresh coconut:

Here's me with my coconut water:

After the market, we went to catch our dinner for the night. We went into a small fishing village and were taken to an area on the water with several beautifully handcrafted boats: 

All five of us got in one of these boats and were off to catch us some lobster. We didn't actually get to pull them in but we got to watch and it was pretty cool. There were so many! The lobsters in the Caribbean are different from Maine lobsters because they don't have claws but they tasted the same. 

Here's our guide pulling in the trap:

My mom, sister, and I on the boat:

Here's a picture of me holding a lobster, they were really prickly by the way and kept squirming. It actually hurt to hold them for too long:

The next day we headed to Doctor's Cave for some R&R and had delicious frozen drinks called The Bob Marley:

That night we went to dinner at a place called HouseBoat, which was absolutely amazing and had a great atmosphere. I recommend anyone in the area to go here.

We had to ride a little boat to the restaurant, but it wasn't far at all:

Here's a picture of The HouseBoat Restaurant {via Island Buzz Jamaica}: 

Our house was located in the Rose Hall neighborhood. Rose Hall was an old plantation home built in the 1770's and is known for being the most beautiful house on the island. This mansion welcomed us each time we headed home for the day and was extremely regal and majestic. The house is said to be haunted by "The White Witch" and offers tours only at night. Sadly, we did not go on one. 

We walked to the house one morning to look around (I was a little scared):

Another night, we went to eat at Sugar Mill restaurant which was super fancy and full of bright Christmas lights. The food and service was spectacular! But if you're a guy, make sure you wear pants or they'll make you change. Or like us, give you the chefs. My mom's boyfriend had to wear some tight white scrub looking pants because he came in shorts. It was hilarious and the staff was dying laughing too. They even got pictures with him in the outfit (he's a local celebrity now), sadly I don't have any of them. 

Here's a picture of everyone at Sugar Mill Restaurant:

On the last day, we went to Rick's Cafe in Negril. It was about a two hour ride from our place but it was well worth it. It is located at the end of a point, has a cliff you can jump off (35 feet), and is a great place to watch the sunset.

Here's us girls at Rick's:

Watching the sunset go down was beautiful: 

Overall, Jamaica was an amazing trip and I would love to go back again someday. The airport even has a restaurant dedicated to the Jamaican bobsledding team and plays the movie Cool Runnings on repeat all day, so you gotta go. 

{Photo credits: Anna Wright}

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