Update On My Life

I feel like a lot has changed since I started my blog, so I decided to do a little update. I guess since I graduated, let's see...almost 6 month ago, I can't keep calling myself a recent college grad. It still feels like just yesterday though, scary how fast time flies. I am still living with my mom (deep breaths), but I am saving so much money. Plus, she is only here during the week for work. I want to move out, but I just don't think it's the right time for me quite yet. Job wise, I am officially working with my mom as an assistant until I start repping my own lines. I am also still working my PR internship with Timeesha Duncan Media and it is a lot of fun. I get to do both from home so it is great! I am still employed at my serving job, but I don't serve very often but keep it just incase anything ever happens.

Since i'm living at home, i'm thinking of getting a puppy or young dog. It gets lonely here on the weekends because my mom takes our dog with her up to the lake. I have been wanting to get one for some time but didn't want to have to worry about paying expenses for a new dog as well as a monthly rent+utilities. But since I won't be moving out anytime soon, it would be the perfect time. My top priorities for a new dog would be 1) little shedding 2) medium-large size that isn't so big that it would drag me around on walks 3) gets along with other dogs and 4) is adorable. Currently, I'm thinking a mini Goldendoodle but am still searching.

As far as new year resolutions, I'm still sticking to most of them, go me! I've started practicing French a little everyday to brush up on my skills and I plan on taking a photography class in the Spring. I love traveling to new places and this year I already have Otter Rock, Oregon and Las Vegas booked!! I cannot wait! I'm trying to read more this year, so this month I'm reading Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks and so far it's really good. Next up, is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I've been going to the gym basically every day and eating clean (except the occasional brunch). I've also been mixing up my workout with more classes and other machines. I wanted to volunteer more this year and earlier this week, I filled out a volunteer form for the Boys and Girls club right by my house. I'm hoping to tutor or mentor a child a couple times a week! I don't want to bore you with too much about my resolutions, so take away...I'm doing a good job sticking to them so far! 

How are y'all doing with sticking to your resolutions? Good I hope!

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