It's Almost The Weekend!

And it's waiting for you once you get off work. What a beautiful Friday we have. This week has been a roller coaster but has ended on a great note. I officially booked my trip to Europe in August and found the perfect little puppy to add to my family. I get her next week and couldn't be happier. Get ready for puppy overload! This is a great weekend ahead of us because we have the Super Bowl on Sunday. Time to watch the Seahawks vs the Patriots and hope no deflated balls are involved. I listed some of my favorite Super Bowl recipes below if you're entertaining. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

My Favorite Links From This Week:
If you're like me and are trying to achieve a better well being, download this app and use it when necessary. 

All you Bachelor fans out there will get a good laugh out of this

Want to travel but don't know where to go? Give one of these places a try.

If you don't normally follow football, let The Skimm educate you on the Super Bowl matchup.

Some Super Bowl favorites: 

The best Super Bowl drinking game

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