Happy Friday!

Wahoo, we have made it to another glorious Friday! I was in Nashville most of this week so i'm happy to be spending this weekend at home. I plan on cleaning/organizing the house and spending time outside with friends and family. I'll be spending Saturday afternoon at the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival. It should be a pretty day to spend outside with the pups! I hope you all have something fun planned and with so much going on this weekend, how can you not? 

Links From This Week
Need a dinner recipe for this weekend? This crock pot Black Bean & Sweet Potato Bake is delicious and easy!

 Since i'm Heinz ketchup's #1 fan this is a big deal. We will see what greatness this brings us! 

Someone move to NY with me and live here because who doesn't have 3 mil laying around? 

Instagram is making us healthier. Be sure to follow me at @smwrightt to see my healthy recipes. 

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