Happy National Puppy Day!

Since it's National Puppy Day, I figured i'd share pictures of Gracie and how much she has grown since we first got her. I hope this helps brightens up this dreary Monday!
This was Gracie the night we picked her up. She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen and she was all mine! She didn't have a name yet, but a couple days later but we decided on Gracie. No reason, I just thought it sounded pretty and she responded to it. 

This is us watching Grey Anatomy together. She loves watching TV when she's not trying to run in circles around the house. 

She is my work partner since I work from home, so I get her constant company by my side. Lucky her, she gets to snooze all day long. 

Here she is again sleeping while I work. This time we're at Mom's desk learning, or at least I am. 

This was Gracie's first visit to the vet. Such a big day! She had no idea what was coming. She was so happy to go in and now overtime we walk inside, she starts shaking. This time she weighed 4.5 lbs. 

On this day, it was 70° in Atlanta in January, so Connor, my bestie, and I headed out to Piedmont Park with the pups. This was the first time she ever walked on a leash and she didn't like it very much. She's still attempting to learn. 

This was Gracie's first bath. We washed her in the kitchen sink and water ended up all over the kitchen floor. She loves water but wasn't a huge fan of a bath. She also looked like a wet rat because with her hair wet, it looked almost none existent.

This was the aftermath of her first bath. She shivered for a while so I wrapped her up in a blanket and we snuggled in front of the fire until she was warm enough to run around. 

She loves sleeping in the most uncomfortable ways and places.

This is just another of the many awkward sleeping spots.

My sister got this rare picture of Gracie sitting still. She probably was in trouble for something.

This was Gracie learning to drive, or imitating it. She gets distracted very easily as you can tell. We were headed to a day at the park! 

The above and below picture are her with our 7 year old Lab named Summer. She is so tiny compared to her. Summer hated Gracie at first but now they are inseparable and are constantly playing with each other. Summer is a great big sister!

This is Gracie's second visit to the vet. She weighed 7.5 lbs this time. She was a healthy pup!
Gracie went to the vet with my mom over the weekend because I was out of town. I wasn't able to get a picture but she now weighs 9.34 lbs. She is still healthy and growing! Don't forget to follow #adventuresofgracieloo on Instagram to see our fun adventures together. 

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