Places To Try: Buttermilk Kitchen

Y'all this place is probably my favorite brunch place so far. If not, it is definitely tied with Folk Art. One of the huge benefits to me is that it's right down the road from my house. Most cute brunch spots are farther into the city but this one is just over on Roswell Road. I've been here two times now and I have to share how wonderful it is! So first off, don't be alarmed by the long wait, it's always like that. I've waited 20 minutes before and then another time I waited an hour. Parking is hard to find if it's crowded. Although, there is additional parking if you can't park right by the building (I suggest the Publix parking lot). This place is in an old house-like structure, so it has some major farmhouse charm. There is a small waiting area and bar when you first walk in. While you're waiting, you can get some coffee. They have the absolute best coffee called Dancing Goats. Ever since I had it here, I have become obsessed and attempt to go to all places serving it! Once we got seated, we had time to look over the menu and decide what dishes to get. They have an everyday menu as well as "limited time" items. I usually always order off the "limited time" menu because I won't be able to get it next time. From this special menu, i've gotten Nutella Pancakes and a Breakfast Mexican Burrito. Both of them were amazing but the burrito was absolutely delicious. It was a Mexican style breakfast burrito with a verde sauce on top. It was to die for! The pancake was so good but very sweet. I couldn't eat very much of it but if you have a major sweet tooth, this is perfect for you. It even had a sugar crystalized banana and whipped Nutella frosting on top (yum!). Their potatoes and pimento cheese are also must gets. If you dip the potatoes into the pimento cheese it's heaven. I highly suggest trying out Buttermilk Kitchen as soon as possible because you will be hooked after just one bite and want to go back every weekend!

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