Places To Try: Flying Biscut Cafe

Ok, so i'm not much of a chain restaurant person, but the Flying Biscuit Cafe has made me rethink that. The other morning, I didn't want to drive far for some good brunch so I decided to give this place a try. I went to the location in Town Brookhaven, and from the outside, the place didn't seem very big. Once inside, the place was small but a lot bigger than it seemed. The wait was already super long but I didn't want to drive anywhere else so I waited. And boy am I glad I did. I loved the decor of  colorful tablecloths and bright pictures. I had checked Yelp before we had arrived and saw that you could get a free appetizer of fried green tomatoes if you checked in, so i did. They were delicious! I also got a wonderful latte to sip on while I waited for my food because, lets be honest, I just can't live without coffee. For my main dish, I decided to go with the Southern Style Biscuit Benedict because I can't turn anything with pimento cheese down. Let me tell you, this dish was absolutely delicious and the oven-roasted potatoes just put it over the top. I highly recommend this dish if you decide to go! Since it is so close, I plan on going back soon and trying more dishes that I can share with you! They are located all over Atlanta, North Carolina, and Florida so if you're around one, be sure to check it out. 

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