Places To Try: Rise-N-Dine

Want a brunch filled with rustic decor, wonderful lattes, and great service? The Rise-N-Dine needs to be next on your must visit list. This breakfast spot is located in Emory Village so students are all around and waits are long. Our wait was 45 minutes but the owner took our drink orders right when we put our names down, which made the wait way better. Their lattes are amazing and they do the foam art as you can see above. Because it was so crowded, we had to sit community style in a 6 seater booth. It was very interesting, and luckily we weren't talking about anything to juicy, but we were starving! Once we had a chance to chat and drink our lattes, we looked over the menu. We finally decided on the Nutella Pancakes and the Veggie Omelet with a side of Grilled Potatoes, yum! The omelet was definitely my favorite because the eggs were so fluffy and the potatoes were great. I definitely liked these Nutella pancakes better than Buttermilks because they weren't so sweet and I could eat more of them. For a sweet person, these should be your pick. It was practically a Nutella and banana sandwich but with big pancakes as bread (I wish I got a picture)! Perfect to share but  couldn't eat a whole dish to myself. If you're in the area definitely check this place out, I promise the wait is worth it! 

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