Top Carry On Tips

Happy Tuesday! Today I am off to Las Vegas for a trade show and i'll be gone until Friday. That is 4 days I have to fit in a carry on...a carry on! If you know me, you know I am an extreme over packer. I like to always be prepared with more than necessary outfit choices, beauty products, and random items that I think I need. I have never even owned a carry on until today but I need to get my packing under control because I am traveling to Europe at the end of July and will only be able to bring what will fit in my backpack. This is a perfect test for myself! I have done some thorough research for my first carry on experience and I thought I would share my favorites with you. I hope this helps you pack the perfect carry on!

1. Make sure your carry on is within your airlines dimensions.
1. Use straws to keep your necklaces from getting tangled. Put them in a separate compartment in your suitcase or in a small bag.
2. Put your earrings through button holes to keep them together.
3. If you have clothes that wrinkle easily, lay them over a plastic dry cleaning bag and roll with the bag attached.
4. Fill all empty space. Lay bras flat and fill with underwear and socks and fold over so they keep their shape. Fill shoes and empty purses as well. 
5. If the soles of your shoes are dirty, place them in a shower cap to prevent them from touching your clothes.
6. For your liquids, place cling wrap over the opening and screw on the top to prevent spillage. 
7. Also, put all liquids in a separate clear ziplock that is easily accessed to help speed up security check points. Do the same with electronics.
8. If you're taking a razor, cover the top with a binder clip so you don't cut yourself digging around in your bag. 
9. Pack snacks or even meals for your travel days. Take foods that won't get smushed by weight or rotten within a few hours of being out of the refrigerator. This helps keep your meals healthy so you aren't spending a fortune on terrible airport food. If packing a meal, utilize tupperware or plastic jewelry holder around the house. 
10. When it comes to packing the carry on, pack shoes first in-between the handle poles. Next, roll up your clothes and fit them in the empty space. Try and layer clothes before you roll them for more room. Fill empty spaces with items and make sure you utilize the compartments. Place extra shoes and big items at the top compartment if you have one. Keep liquids and electronics on the top so you can easily get to them if necessary. 

I hope this helps. Happy travels!! 

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