Tidbit Tuesday: Oregon Recap

Happy Tuesday! Here is a recap of my Oregon Trip...enjoy! 
We flew into Portland around lunch time, so we got our rental car and headed to lunch. We decided to go to a cafe called Petite Provence on Alberta street and it was amazing. They have other locations as well, so if you're near one, definitely check it out! It was a bakery and cafe with a great brunch menu. I got a well decorated Bloody Mary (shown above) that was great. One of our dishes came with their housemate croissant and jam, and boy was it delicious! The service was so wonderful as well. A native Georgian who worked there even came over and spoke to us about Atlanta and Portland. It made us feel right at home!

Portland is a huge coffee town, there are literally coffee shops at every single corner...it was heaven. I had done research prior to leaving and saw that Stumptown, a famous coffee shop in the area, made nitro coffee (coffee out of a tap) and I really wanted to try it. The shop was really quant and the bartender was super nice and helpful. The coffee was super good and was definitely needed after our 5 hour flight and 4 hour time change.

Portland also has a lot of famous donut places and luckily, right down the street from Stumptown was Voodoo Doughnuts. The top donut places in Portland are Voodoo and Blue Star, and we were really torn on which one to go to. We ended up going to Voodoo because it was so close to Stumptown. Usually there is a line wrapped around the building but we went around dinner time and luckily no one was there. We picked out three donuts to share (cookies & cream, maple & bacon, and Nutella & peanut butter) and headed back to our hotel, River's Edge Hotel & Spa (definitely recommend!).
(excuse the Snapchat)
Side note: If you ever go to Portland, make sure you go to the good areas of town, because we went to some of the bad areas and it was a little strange. 
We were going to go out to eat but we couldn't find anything we wanted, and didn't really want to venture back downtown, so we just decided to order pizza and pick up some wine. We got pizza from Hotlips, which was huge and absolutely amazing, and picked up some wine from Trader Joe's (near Portland State, way nicer area). There was a trail behind our hotel, that went along the Willamette River and had a few tables and chairs along it. We carried our pizza and wine down the trail until we found a good spot, and enjoyed our dinner while looking out over the water. 
The next morning, Anna and I got up and ran on the trail behind the hotel. It lead to a beautiful park by the river surrounded by sleek modern buildings. Our hotel was located in Portland's South Waterfront District, which is an up and coming area and it was just beautiful. We ran around 8 am, so a lot of people were on their way to work. It was really cool how many people walk/ride bikes to work, so different than Atlanta. They even have an Aerial Tram that people can ride to work that crosses over the highway. 

Before heading out to the coast, we stopped and got breakfast at Silva Cafe, a food truck in south Portland. They offer organic foods made fresh daily with ingredients from the surrounding area. I ordered an acai bowl and chai tea latte, which were both absolutely amazing! We ended up talking with one of the owners about where they get some of their produce, and he recommended we go to Bob's Red Mill (where they get their granola) while we were in town. We buy Bob's Red Mill from time to time so we decided to make a visit to the store.

So after breakfast, we headed to Bob's Red Mill, located in Milwaukee, to pick up some food for the week. Right away, we were shocked at how cheap it was compared to Kroger and Whole Food prices. We ended up buying from the bulk section, where it is cheaper because there is no packaging. We picked up oatmeal, coconut, dog treats (always thinking of the pups), sesame sticks, granola, and bread and the total was only $11. We even bought enough to have extra to take home! You can even go on tours of the factory if you have time, but we were ready to head out. We did make one last stop in Tigard, and drove by our old house that we lived in almost 20 years ago. Talk about blast from the past!

The road to the coast went through Willamette Valley, Oregon's wine country, so we had to stop at one of the vineyards on our way. We ended up stopping at Four Graces winery for a tasting. The grounds were beautiful and the wine was great! We even got some bottles when we left. My favorite was the Pinot Grigio but we also got a Pinot Nior blend made with grapes from two of their wineries located in the Willamette Valley. 

Once we got to Otter Rock, we checked into our place at The Inn At Otter Crest, and changed into warmer clothes. Through out the next two days, we adventured around the resort and went over to the Devil's Punch Bowl State Park. It was only a high of mid-60's on the coast, so we were in pants most of the time. The Devil's Punch bowl was amazing! If you look close enough, you can see people standing in the middle of it. We even went down to the beach and went inside and looked around. It was so breathtaking! 

Later in the week, we took a road trip up the coast. First we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and took a self-guided tour and had lunch in their cafe. We also got to sample all of their cheeses and the grilled cheese from the cafe was amazing! After that, we headed up to Cannon Beach where Haystack rock is. Haystack Rock is the rock from The Goonies! After that, we headed back to Otter Rock. 

The next day we went on a hike of Drift Creek Falls. We hiked 3 miles and got to walk over a suspension bridge and see a beautiful waterfall! On the way back we stopped picked up some wine and had a picnic at one of the lookout parks. It got so hot this day that I actually was dying in pants and a tank top! It's crazy how fast the weather changes when you go away from the coast. 
Similar picture at top during high tide

The morning of the 4th, Anna and I went down to the beach (in festive beads of course) to check out the tidal pools. We went over to the Devil's Punchbowl and the whole area was empty of water! There were sea creatures all over the uncovered rocks and ground. It was so fun exploring and looking for starfish, which we finally found inside the Devil's Punchbowl clinging to the walls. 
Here is my festive July 4th breakfast! A fruit salad with a star shaped slice of bread with honey...yummm! 

4th of July afternoon, we went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse state park and walked their trails. It was such a beautiful day, we even could wear shorts. There were 5 short trails that we walked and then we ended at the lighthouse. These were some of the most amazing views of the coast because they went high up! Since our place was so far from everything, we decided to stay in Otter Rock for the rest of the evening and enjoy our last day. We sat down at the beach and played games while enjoying some cold beers. We had a festive cheese and fruit plate for our appetizer and a shrimp boil for dinner. The next day we packed up and headed for the airport. Overall it was a wonderful vacation, but I am so happy to be home!! 

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