Tidbit Tuesday: Travel Essentials

With my trip to Europe a few days away, I decided to share my list of top travel essentials that will be making the trip with me. Hopefully these will help make my long flight a little more bearable! 

Body wipes - These babies help keep me fresh and clean at all times. Simply open, wipe where needed and voila, all refreshed. 

Oil wipes - These are a life savor! Just wipe across your face and these things absorb all the oil. Now your face is ready for a fresh layer of makeup. 

Make up - These are an essential to refresh after a long flight. I keep some face powder, blushconcealer, and mascara on hand at all times. Just re-apply right before landing and you will feel and look like a whole new woman. 

Phone charger - Keep one of these fully charged with you at all times so you don't end up with a dead phone. 

Book, magazine, sudoku - Stay entertained during your flight with any of these. 

Chapstick, moisturizer, and eye drops - Flights seriously dry me out so these items are a necessity to help rejuvenate my body.  

Gum - My ears pop so much during take off and landing, so I always have a stick of gum handy for those times. 

Headphones - Block out any unwanted noise with some tunes. You can use your phone or inflight music. 

Scarf, sweater, and socks - Flights are always cold so carry these items with you to help stay warm. The scarf or sweater can also work as a pillow!

Snacks and water - These are essential, especially for long flights. Airports let you bring as much food as you want, as long as it isn't liquid. Bring bars, nuts, crackers, etc. to help fight hunger during your flight. Also, make sure to bring an empty water bottle to fill up once you get through security. 

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