Tidbit Tuesday: Music Midtown Tips

Music Midtown is this weekend, and I cannot wait! I went last year and it was an absolute blast. Even though I am not too crazy about any of the bands playing this year, I am excited to spend my weekend in Piedmont Park listening to great music with friends. Since I went last year, I thought I would share with y'all some tips that I learned to help you survive the weekend. If anyone's going, come find me! 

1. If you are using Marta (which I recommend), buy your breeze card early, because the lines get crazy long. Last year, we decided to take Marta the first day (we headed to Marta around 5), but once we arrived and saw a line about 60 people deep at each machine, we had to take a taxi. It wasn't cheap and we got stuck in traffic. 

2. If you plan on taking Marta, remember how to get back to Marta when you are ready to go home. Last year, we couldn't figure out how to get back to Marta, so we wandered around for about an hour until we finally waved down a taxi to take us home. It caused a lot of arguments and cost a lot of money.

3. Explore all the shops and food. Music Midtown has some amazing food and merchandise vendors. Definitely take the time to wander through them all!

4. Stick together or set a meeting place. Service is absolutely terrible because thousands of people are using their phones in that small space. Your phone will die or be close to dying by the end of the night (mine had about 10% when I was trying to find people), so if you have a backup battery pack bring it. 

5. Uber and taxis are impossible to get once it ends. Unless you have already lined up a driver, it is so hard to get one. Everyone is leaving at the same time so people steal taxis and Ubers. Also, expect an Uber driver to cancel on you multiple times, because that's what happened to us the first night. 

6. Wear/bring sunscreen. It gets hot and very sunny inside the park, so wear and bring some sunscreen to apply throughout the day. It will save you from becoming a lobster.

7. Don't forget, if you want to leave and come back, make sure you scan your ticket before exiting. It's great that the festival lets you come and go as you please, but if you don't scan before you go out, they will not let you back in. You don't want to hear your favorite bands from outside the park, so don't forget. 

8. You can bring an unopened water bottle or an empty reusable water bottle. Because it is so hot and most people are drinking, it is smart to bring water or an empty water bottle. You can stay hydrated while still having a great time!

9. Bring cash. Some vendors only take cash so bring it. They will have ATM's on site if you desperately need to use them, but they will charge a service fee.

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