Tidbit Tuesday: My 7 Kitchen Must Haves

As i'm sure you can tell by now, I love to cook and bake whenever I can get the chance...a birthday, holiday, or even a rainy Monday. So for this "Tidbit Tuesday," I have decided to share my must have kitchen items. I hope this inspires you to get some new tools, and head to the kitchen to try out some new recipes! 

I use this all the time for anything from sauce to acai bowls. It is great for things a blender cannot break down...which is basically everything. 

Stand Mixer
This is a great tool for baking. I could not imagine having to hand whisk everything! 

I love experimenting with different veggies and this tool helps take it to the next level. I can turn anything into noodles! 

Non-Stick Cookware
It really does make a difference between a regular skillet and a non-stick, especially when it comes to clean up! 

Reusable Parchment Paper
This will save you trips to the store and it's eco-friendly.

Mandoline Slicer
This thing is so great. Instead of having to thinly slice fruits and veggies with a knife while worrying about cutting off your finger, you can use this tool to get the perfect thin cut. 

I promise you, if you don't have one of these, you need to purchase one ASAP. This saves so much time and energy when making meals plus, it makes enough to always have leftovers. 

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