New York Trip Recap

Happy hump day, everyone! Sorry i've been so MIA lately...still trying to catch up from being gone. So instead of a wish list today, I wanted to share with y'all my trip to NYC. We went for a trade show, but went up a few days early to explore the city. I hadn't been since I was about 16, so I was super excited! I don't have too many pictures, because most of the sight seeing we did was the inside of Macy's...wasn't planning on that, but nonetheless, it was fun! 

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We arrived Friday afternoon and headed straight to our wonderful VRBO right in Chelsea, where the convention center is located. The manager was so nice and the location was great. We could walk to The High Line, Chelsea Market, shopping, and more! 

Once we were settled in, and Sandy and our manager chatted about Property Brothers for an hour (her first of many spottings), we headed down to Chelsea Market to find some lunch. We decided to walk The High Line because it went straight there and had a way better view than the streets. 
I stopped and took some scenic pics during our walk. New York is so pretty in the Fall!

Once we got to Chelsea Market, we did a full lap of the place to see what we wanted. We ended up deciding on some crepes from Bar Suzette. They were amazing! I got the Apple & Brie crepe (Local NY Apples, French Brie, Honey, Market Greens, & Balsamic Dressing) and Sandy got the Ham, Egg, & Cheese crepe (Italian Ham, Swiss Cheese, Fresh Organic Egg & Dijonaise). My favorite was definitely the Apple & Brie crepe. They made the crepes right in front of us and they were super fresh. It was pretty hot inside, so we ate them outside at a park right next to the market where we could see the Hudson River. I highly recommend getting a crepe from here if you are in the area!! 

The rest of the day we went shopping and then met up with our other roomie, aunt, uncle, and cousins for dinner at La Birreria. The food was great and the restaurant had wonderful views of the clocktower. La Birreria is part of Eataly, so before dinner, we got to wonder around the little market and see all different kinds of food. After dinner, we headed over to 230 Fifth for cocktails on their rooftop, which had great views of the Empire State Building. They even offer red robes if you get cold! 

The next morning, we got up and headed out to find some coffee and breakfast. We decided to walk The High Line again to Chelsea Market. On our way to one of the entrances to The High Line, we found a coffee shop called Think Coffee. We hopped in and grabbed a drink for our walk. Every place I travel, I like to try their Chai Tea latte's, so that's what I got. It was a great choice! Sandy just got a freshly brewed decaf coffee...yawn. The shop was industrially decorated and had plenty of seating if you wanted to hangout there. Another awesome thing about this brand is that they donate 10% of their profits to non-profits. Why not help others by purchasing a delicious coffee?

Yes, I had to take a #basic picture of my coffee overlooking the city on our way to Chelsea Market.

We finally made it to Chelsea Market! We saw a sign for acai bowls when we were there the previous day, so we decided to get one of those for breakfast topped with blueberries, coconut shavings, and almond butter. We took it outside and ate on the steps of The High Line. Probably not the best meal to eat on a chilly day, but it was still good! 

For lunch, we met with my childhood best friend Jake, who now lives in New York, at L'express. Brunch was still being served, so I had an amazing veggie omelet with a side of potatoes.

After lunch, he took us on the Subway (not as scary as it seems) up to Central Park. We walked around the park for a while checking out all the sights. It was the epitome of Fall with crisp smells and beautifully colored leaves falling everywhere. The park was filled with music and people, it was wonderful!

Once again, the rest of the day we shopped and then met clients out for drinks at Spyglass and dinner at David Burke Fabrick, both located at the Archer Hotel. The rooftop bar had a wonderful view of the Empire State Building. Above are some of my favorites! 

And here is me and Sandy Sue! The drinks and dinner were great, but the company was even better. After dinner, we went to the Baccarat for a drink. It is a real swanky hotel bar, where cocktails are $26 a piece. We decided to have Sandy pretend she was Felicity Huffman to help us get a table, and they totally believed us. We got seated immediately and had wonderful service all night. I don't think they realized it wasn't her until she paid...whoops, we didn't think that one out. Either way, it was so much fun and a great story to tell. 

The next day, the show started and we were there from 10 am - 5 pm, so it didn't leave much room for anything else. We did walk around the corner from our place and get dinner at Friedman's Sunday night. The decor was so cute and the food was great. I even got a festive Fall drink called the Smashed Pumpkin...yumm! The next day we had the show again at 10 am and had to leave for our flight at 1 pm, so we didn't nothing exciting the last day. I loved New York and cannot wait to go back, but for now, I am so happy to be home! 

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  1. Think coffee is SO good!! Love the commentary on Sandy haha!