Tidbit Tuesday: Famous Dave's Tanner Review

Happy Tuesday, everyone! So for today's Tidbit Tuesday, I decided to share with y'all my favorite self tanner. With it starting to get colder, the sunny pool days are coming to an end. I use to go to the tanning bed to catch my rays, but decided it just wasn't worth the risk of skin cancer. *Bear with me here...I'm not trying to sound like a nagging mother, but it really isn't worth it. You never know what could happen or how your body could respond. Why even take that chance when you have other ways to stay tan out there?...Okay i'm done* That's right people, Famous Dave's is your tanning solution! Without this magic lotion, I would be a ghost 365 days of the year. I even use this in the Summer because I don't have much time to go to the pool. The first time I ever used Famous Dave's, I really liked it but didn't know if I wanted to pay $28 for it. Instead, I decided to give Jergens Glow Daily Moisturizer a try for only $6 and I will never deviate from Famous Dave's again. The Jergens tanner had the most potent tanning lotion smell. It also didn't work as well as the Famous Dave's, I went through the bottle a lot faster, using it more often. The bottles only have a .5 oz difference, and I feel that I got so much more out of the Famous Dave's bottle. I probably go through a bottle in 2-3 months depending on how often I am using it. I have actually tried two different Famous Dave's tanning lotions, Famous Dave's Moisture Tan Original Formula (medium), which is $28 and Self Tanner Small Batch Reserve (light-medium), which is $38. Personally, I like the Original Formula because I don't want to have to apply my self tanner everyday. I usually apply it every other day, and then cut back if I start looking too tan (doesn't that sound great?!). Another bonus, is that I found the same bottle on Amazon for $19 and it is eligible for Amazon Prime free shipping. I'm telling you, if you are in the market for a new self tanner, you need to give this brand a try. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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