DIY Christmas Card Holder

Christmas is less than 20 days! Where did the time go?! Since Thanksgiving, I have been pulling out all the Christmas decorations to get the house ready for the holiday season (no shame). While going through everything, I realized that I needed something to hold my Christmas Cards. I took to Pinterest and found the perfect thing, a wood holiday card display that is super easy to make and can still be used year round. All you need to do is change out the wreath and put up other pictures or save the dates. If you're still looking for something to display all your cards on, this project is simple and inexpensive. It can even be done in one get to crafting! 

What You Need
2- 42" 1 x 2's
2- 24" 1 x 2's
4- 1 1/2" flat corner brace
Chicken wire
Staple gun
Wood stain (I use Minwax)
Old cloth
Screw driver
Sawtooth hangers
Wire cutters
Paint brush

1. First, we are going to stain the wood. Spread out a trash bag or newspaper and then place the wood on top. Make sure you have the stain, a paint brush, and an old cloth. Paint one side of each piece of wood and then wipe off the access stain with the old cloth. Let dry for 5-10 minutes and then repeat with remaining sides. 

2. Once the stain has dried and set in, we are going to attach the panels together with the corner braces using a screw driver. Make sure the panels are securely attached.

3. Next, lay out the chicken wire to fit your frame. 

4. Cut both ends of the excess chicken wire. Make sure not to over cut, you can always trim a little after you staple it to the wood. 

5. Now, get out your staple gun and staple the chicken wire onto the wood. Make sure to push down with force so that the staple is securely in there. Also, keep the wire tight so that there are no lose spots.

6. Lastly, hammer the sawtooth hangers to the back of the frame. 

7. Add your favorite wreath and Christmas cards and you are all done!

{via Lolly Jane}

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