Friday, Friday!

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! - thanks Rebecca Black for that wonderful ballad, because that is what the weekend is all about...and boy, am I so happy it is finally Friday. With last week being such a short week, this week has seemed extremely long (anyone else feel me?). I was already counting down the days to Friday on Monday. This weekend I plan on getting things done around the house and prepping for the holidays. So much to do and so little time! But nonetheless, I plan on having a good time while doing it. I hope you all have some fun plans ahead!

Links From This Week
Give one of these 12 easy Christmas candy recipes a try this weekend.

This is probably one of the best food items ever invented. 

Don't have plans for the weekend and still need to get some holiday shopping done? Head over to Shoppe Artisan @ the Cobb Galleria to find some one of a kind gifts.

Best taco meat recipe, hands down...and it's made in the crock pot. 

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