Happy Friday!

Yippie, it is finally Friday! Did this week seem to drag on to anyone else? Like oh my gosh, it seemed like a lifetime but, it's here! I have had a really bad cough the past few weeks and am finally on medicine for it, so my weekend will consist of bubble baths, face masks, and Netflix. I'm going to kick this cough in the butt! I also have so many shows to catch up on it is ridiculous. I hope you all had a faster week than I did and fun filled weekend coming up! Talk to you Monday!

Links From This Week

It's never a bad time to brush up on your c-cubed (chocolate chip cookies) skills. 

Ladies: if you haven't picked a travel destination yet for 2016, this should help

Happy Friday from the gorgeous Ryan Gosling

Don't have anything fun planned for this weekend yet? Atlantians look no further. 

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