Tidbit Tuesday: 10 Closet Organization Tips

1. First things first, clean it out. Anything you haven't worn in like forever, needs to go. You can try and make some extra money re-selling it or donate it to a charity. 
2. Second, turn all hangers around at the beginning of the year (still counts right now) and when you wear an article of clothing, place the hanger back the correct way. Whatever is left at the end of that year needs to go.

3. Get rid of all your iron hangers. They are super harsh on your shirts, leaving 
creases and dents. Instead, use wood or cloth hangers.

4. If you have a closet door that swings open, utilize that space for shoes, scarves, jewelry or whatever you need the extra room for. 

5. Use shower hooks attached to a hanger or a scarf organizer to keep your scarfs organized and easy to find.

6. If you have the funds and space, utilize your closet by adding extra shelving. 
Ikea and The Container Store are great places to start.
7. Utilize floor space under shorter items by grouping similar length items together. 
I like to put my taller shoes or big bags in this area.

8. If you have unused upper closet space, add baskets filled with seasonal items that you can change out.

9. If you have tall boots, use pool noodles to help them keep their form. 

10. Fold items that are less likely to wrinkle, like jeans, sweatshirts, etc. and place them in baskets or drawer space.

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