Tidbit Tuesday: Favorite Winter Movies

This early 2000's rom-com is all about love and fate, even 10 years down the road. With the setting in snowy New York, this movie is the ultimate winter fairy tale. 

Two women from different parts of the world (London & LA) switch houses to escape the men in their lives. Little do they know, love is waiting for them in their new destinations. 

Following nine different people and stories, this movie will make you laugh, cry, and wish you lived in the UK. 

A superstorm threatening the entire human race causes catastrophic disasters all around the world. The meteorologist who discovered the storm must get to his son in time to save him before it's too late. 

Take a trip back in time, twenty-thousand years ago, to the beginning of the ice age. You'll get to follow along with some of earth's oldest and funniest creatures as they migrate south. 

A Disney movie about two princesses on a journey to break a spell to save their kingdom. Warning: contains a song that will stay in your head forever. 

A 30-something women trying to get her life together, decides to start keeping a diary about all the hilarious, erotic, and many other details of her everyday life. It will make you wish you were caught in a snow storm with Colin Firth. 

This 90's movie is filled with love, throwbacks, and a great winter setting. 

A lost father comes back as a snowman trying to make up for lost time with his son. This is a great family feel-good movie. 

Ryan Reynolds is in this movie, and if that's not enough, this hilarious comedy is about Chris (Ryan Reynolds) confessing his love for his high school crush/best friend. 

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