It's The Freakin' Weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic taco and margarita filled Cinco de Mayo yesterday! Mine was great, except for the wait time at just about every restaurant was 2 hours...ain't nobody got time for that! So after much failed restaurant attempts, we landed at a sports bar with margaritas. Hey, at least we got a little festive! 

This weekend, I am moving my sister from Georgia Southern to the University of Georgia. It's going to be a long, tiring day, but we couldn't be more proud and excited for her to start this new journey at UGA. Then for Mother's Day, it is all about spoiling my amazing mom. Since she's been in Las Vegas all week, we'll just have a relaxing day, enjoying her being back and Anna being home for the summer. Let an amazing summer commence! 

Links From This Week

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