Finally, The Weekend!

Hello Friday, I am so glad to see you! What a busy, busy week it has been for me. Work has been crazy! It seems like everyone wants everything right now. But, I am so happy it's the weekend so I can relax and enjoy my last full weekend with Anna Banana. We will be road tripping up to South Carolina for the day Saturday to see family and then checking out a new Atlanta brewery that night. It should be a fun weekend! I hope you all have fun plans ahead! See ya Monday!


Links From This Week

Read this great article to learn how you can add some big $$ to your saving account this year.

If you ride Uber a lot, this article is worth the read.

If you haven't seen this yet (& watch the Bachelorette), you must watch it!

Don't forget, Nordstrom Rack's Clear The Rack just started. Check out all the great stuff they have at an extra 25% off! 

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