Hello From Paris!

Bonjour from Paris & happy Friday! I hope your week went well! I have been a traveling fool this last week. When I last checked in, I was in Rome. Since then, I have been in Florence, Cinque Terre, and now Paris. We got in late yesterday and still haven't had much time to explore. But wait, let me back up. Florence was an amazing city! I loved the size because everything was within walking distance. This was the completely opposite of Rome! Cinque Terre was beautiful, but other than hiking and the beach, there wasn't much to do. We did complete one of the two open hikes and boy are my legs dead. Don't get me wrong, I loved Cinque Terre, but 2 days was enough for me. Now we are in Paris and have 6 days to explore this amazing city. If anyone has any reccomendations, send them my way! Have a great weekend! 


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