Best Websites For Trip Planning

Traveling is a very important part of life. It allows you be engulfed by a culture other than your own, forcing you to grow and try new things. I absolutely love to travel any chance I get! I also love the planning aspect of a trip. My last big trip to Europe, I planned completely. Everything from locations, to flights, to Airbnbs, and activities. It was a blast to plan and even better to experience all my hard work! Today, I thought I share with y'all my favorite websites to help you plan an exciting trip of your own! 

1. Pinterest 
The reason I put Pinterest first on my list is because the first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to go. If you have a travel board, look through that and write down your top places. From here, you can search your top picks and make some decisions. 

This website is pretty great, especially if you don't really know where you want to go. All you need to know are two main destinations that you want to visit. You start by putting in your first destination, then what type of a vacation it is (romantic, friends, family, or solo), then your length and budget, and finally your last destination. It will provide you with cities and towns to stop at on your way. This website really is amazing!

Google Flights is a great tool to use when looking to book flights. It is especially helpful if you are more flexible with your dates. Instead of picking specific dates, click in the date box and a calendar will pop up with the lowest prices for each day. This way you can fly in and out at the cheapest times! 

4. Airbnb
I'm a huge Airbnb fan and use it anytime I travel! I prefer to stay in homes rather than hotels, because I like to cook and really immerse myself into the culture. I have yet to have a bad experience through Airbnb, but I am very easy going. If you are more of a high maintenance person, you could have some issues because they won't always have the necessities that a hotel would have, like linens, coffee makers, wifi, etc. You just have to make sure they have what you need before you book. My rule for booking with Airbnb is that they must have more than 3-5 reviews. That way, you know it's not a scam and can see what others thought of the host and the place. The best combination is a great host and a great place, so definitely read the reviews!

5. Yelp
I am a big supper of Yelp! It is a great tool to use when looking for restaurants or activities in your area. They usually have lots of pictures and reviews to help you decide. Although, Yelp is not used as much overseas as Trip Advisor is. I only prefer Yelp over Trip Advisor because the Yelp app is wonderful and easy to use on the go. 

Similar to Yelp, but more predominant overseas. Trip Advisor will help you find top rated activities and food options in your area. I would suggest looking at this before you go, because their app isn't as easy to use as Yelp. 

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