Instagram Round-Up

Hello friends!! I haven't done an Instagram round-up in a really long time, so I thought I would give y'all a little update! Sparknotes version: my time is mostly consumed with drinking and eating, with occasional exercise.

(from left to right)
Bon Glaze Donut: For National Donut Day, I celebrated by trying out Bon Glaze for the first time. And they did not disappoint! I got the bacon and caramel donut (pictured) and my sister got the green tea donut. They were equally so amazing! If you haven't tried them out, you definitely need to!

King Of Pops Portals: I bought Anna and I a Scoutmob for King of Pops cocktail tasting and class down at their Ponce City Market bar. It was a really good deal and a great time! You got to try two half-sized cocktails and then you got one full cocktail with a pop at the end. They also taught you a lot about the company and how they make their pops and cocktails. Scoutmob isn't currently offering it anymore, but if they ever bring it back you should definitely purchase one!

Skyline Park: Another PCM adventure, Skyline Park. What a fun concept they have created! Skyline Park is located on top of Ponce City Market and is basically a mini Coney Island. They have games, rides, drinks, and food all overlooking the beauty city of Atlanta. It is a little pricey to get up there and to play and ride, but it is definitely worth it at least once! Soon they will be opening a beer garden up there as well. I can't wait to check that out!

Yoga In The Park: A loved Summer activity for me is King of Pops yoga. They have it at Old Fourth Ward Park (but they just recently moved locations) and it provides a pretty good view of the skyline. It is a very relaxed yoga class, which I love because this is really the only time I ever practice yoga. The teacher is also amazing! If you want something to do on a Tuesday night, this is a great option!

Me w/ Anna In Background: This was the day my Mom and I helped move Anna into Athens, Georgia. It was a long day (moving her from Statesboro to Athens) and we still didn't get everything set up, but made some great memories in the process. She started at UGA this Fall and is already in love!

Anna & I: Anna had never been to Sweetwater Brewing (my 2nd favorite brewery in Atlanta), so some friends and I showed her the ropes. It was a crowded & hot Saturday, but it was a blast!

Biscuits: I went and tried Callie's Hot Little Biscuits one morning over in Virginia Highlands. I wish I was eating this right now, because it was so delicious! We got the fried chicken biscuit and the sausage, egg, and pimento cheese biscuit. The fried chicken was definitely the best! They are on Scoutmob right now for 50% off!! 

North Georgia Mountains: Early one morning, I went up and hiked Amicalola Falls with one of my friends. It was great being up there early because the heat didn't set in until later. It didn't take that long to do the hike and we even stopped at the lodge at the top for some water and the amazing view. 

Sandwich & Beer: I went to the Grant Park Summer Shade festival a few weeks ago, which was pretty fun! It was hot, but there was a decent amount of shade. We walked around to check out all the vendors (there were a ton) and then got lunch. I got a BBQ grilled cheese and it was to die for. We enjoyed our lunch while listening to live music and people watching! 

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