25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Since my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, I didn't get to share 25 things you might not know about me. It was really hard trying to come up with new things since I did this for both my 23rd and 24th birthday, but I managed to think of some. I hope you enjoy!

1. I took French for 10 years and still cannot speak it.
2. Pinot Noir is my favorite red wine (except when I want to splurge, then it's Zinfandel).
3. Sauvignon Blac is my favorite white wine.
4. I'm currently watching Mad Men on Netflix.
5. I started listening to Christmas music the day before Thanksgiving (yes, i'm one of those people).
6. This summer I am going to Thailand with my sister.
7. I love trying out new restaurants and new food.
8. My middle name is Marie.
9. My ideal evening is spent cooking and then watching a good movie.
10. Water is my go to non-alcoholic drink- I know, i'm a cheap date!
11. I have an unhealthy obsession with buying books, candles, and blankets no matter how many I already have.
12. The one person I really want to see in concert is Justin Timberlake.
13. Speaking of JT, I was always a die hard Nsync girl when I was younger.
14. My favorite season is Fall.
15. I'm trying to keep a journal, but it is really hard to keep up with.
16. My nickname is Syd- I know, pretty original!
17. I make a list for everything. I just love the satisfaction of crossing something off of it.
18. Out of all the places i've visited, Florence was my favorite. 
19. I'm a major perfectionist and sometimes it can get me in trouble. 
20. I had my hair cut really short when I was in elementary school and it was absolutely terrible. You will never see me with super short hair because of it. 
21. I've never broken a bone, but I did sprain my ankle on my trampoline. 
22. I sometimes sleep walk and talk after one too many drinks.
23. I'm a very spontaneous person and will go or do something in a moments notice.
24. I'm a big crier and sometimes cry over the most ridiculous things, but it makes me feel 10x better.
25. I absolutely hate getting in trouble, so you will rarely catch me doing anything too crazy.

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