Top Things To Do In Atlanta This January

Kick off the winter farmer's market season at the Decatur Farmer's Market - January 11th 

Try out different versions of my favorite cider at Hop City's weekly free beer tasting - January 11th 

Listen to comedy while tasting different beers at Seven Minutes in [Wild] HavenJanuary 12th

Cheer on the Atlanta Falcons at their first home playoff game - January 14th

Sample over 40 different types of wine at the Atlanta Winter Wine FestivalJanuary 21st

Taste different cask ales at 5 Seasons Brewing and Taco Mac's Atlanta Cask Ale TastingJanuary 21st 

Try out some FREE Wild Heaven beer and wine at Hop CityJanuary 21st 

Break out my raddest 90's gear for an epic bar crawl through the Highlands - January 28th 

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