Festive Ways To Celebrate St. Patty's Day

Time to break out the green beer, green food, and green clothes, because St. Patty's Day is only a couple days away! This is such a fun holiday to celebrate because it's filled with four leaf clovers, beer, and a guaranteed good time. I mean, how can al of that not be fun?! If you still don't know how to celebrate this year, i've rounded up some good ideas below that go from very simple to very extreme. Be sure to check them out!

P.S.- Don't forget to wear green, unless you want to be pinched all day!

1. Make something that's green
- When is puppy chow not the perfect desert?
- These Lucky Charms pancakes look like any child's dream
- If you're feeling crazy, try out this Irish fishbowl cocktail
- These mint chocolate chip cookies look delicious

2. Drink a lot of beer
- At this boozy brunch through the Highlands
- At Luckyfest XL's three day event at Park Tavern
- Party in the streets of Buckhead with Fado Irish Pub
- Each Meehan's location has different events going on the celebrate (Midtown sounds the best!)
- Or just go to your local pub

3. Wear green
- Top options: casual v-neck, peplum top, lace-up sweater, shamrock tee, fringe cardigan,  and an off the shoulder blouse
- Bottom options: suede skirt, drapey shorts, and ripped skinny jeans
- Jewelry options: tassel earrings and triple tier drop earrings
- Dress it up with this tunic or this plaid dress
- Or just throw on an army jacket

5. Travel to Ireland and celebrate in true Irish Fashion (I wish!)

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