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Whew, it's been a LONG TIME since i've done one of these...September 2016 to be exact! Instead of going back that far, i'm just going to update y'all on my most recent posts so this isn't a million pages long. I hope y'all enjoy this little window into my everyday life!

Anna, Summer (my dog) & Myself: This was from Easter Sunday! We spent the morning at Buckhead Church and then had brunch at Empire State South. It was pretty good, but can't beat some of my other brunch spots (like Folk Art and Buttermilk Kitchen). If you go, definitely get the ESS Benedict and the chai latte!

Anna & I Holding Beers: The Atlanta Braves had their home opener against the Padres and my mom, sister, and I got to go that Saturday night. It was an absolute blast! SunTrust Park is amazing and a great place to hangout even if you aren't going into the game. We got dinner at Antico (which was amazing by the way!) and then got some pre-game drinks at the Terrapin Taproom. We tried the Chopsecutioner, Terrapin's new beer aged on baseball wood chips and it was actually really good! 
*SunTrust Tip- to skip the line, you can enter the park through Terrapin Taproom.

Coffee & iPad: I love going to church, but sometimes I just want to stay in bed and lounge on Sunday mornings. That is a big thing that I love about Buckhead Church (right behind Andy Stanley...duh!). I can enjoy my breakfast and coffee, while still feeling like i'm at church by watching Andy's sermon on my iPad or computer. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up for church and spending my Sunday morning worshiping along with others, but sometimes I just need to relax a little bit longer!

Anna, My Mom & Myself: My sister, Anna, had her parents weekend a few weeks back, so my mom and I headed up to Athens for the weekend. Friday night, we got to celebrate her birthday at Last Resort with lots of food, wine (maybe a little too much, but hey- it was a celebration!), and cake. Saturday, we enjoyed a morning hike and then spent the day exploring Athens and hanging out with my sister's roommates and their families. It was a great weekend in a great town!

Food & The Atlanta Dining Out Passbook: If you didn't see my original Instagram post, you are missing out because this little book is a great deal! It is packed with BOGO entrees at over 70 restaurants in Atlanta. Luckily for you, my promo code NOPpass2017 brings the price down from $99 to $35, plus free shipping. I promise you will not be disappointed!
*Restaurant pictured is Anis Bistro in Buckhead

Oyster Bar Koozie: A few weeks back, The Optimist had an oyster fest that was a lot of fun! It was so crowded that they ran out of food fairly early, but they had some great drink specials to make up for it. If you're looking for a fun and lively Sunday afternoon, definitely hit up their next Sunday event!

Me Holding A Shamrock Cookie: If you didn't already know, cookies are my absolute favorite sweet! So, on St. Patty's Day I knew I had to get something festive to celebrate. I headed to my favorite bakery, Alon's (that just happens to be on my way to work) to get this delicious sugar cookie! 

Varuni Napoli Pizza: Seriously- if you haven't been here yet, you haven't lived! Varuni Napoli is one of my favorite pizza spots in Atlanta right up there with Antico. I celebrated Pi Day with this delicous pizza, appetizers, deserts, and homemade limoncello all with my fellow Dining Out ambassadors. It was a Pi Day well spent!

My Mom & I: In February, my mom and I headed out to San Diego for a work trip. We went in a few days early so we could explore the city before all the work started. We stayed at the Palomar in the Gas Lamp district, which was right in the middle of all the fun! Bars, restaurants, and shopping were all around us. We walked the Gas Lamp District, explored Balboa Park, and wandered around the waterfront. We had a great time! 

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