I am feeling major TGIF vibes today and am so happy the weekend is ahead of us! What a non-stop crazy week it has been for me. I had a manufacture in town and because of that, the week has been super busy. We have had appointment after appointment! Thanks to the I-85 collapse, it takes me double the time to get to my appointments, so I feel like i've been in the car so much this week. Counting down the days until the bridge is fixed and life can go back to normal!

This weekend I plan on doing NOTHING and it is going to be amazing! Also, this is my last free weekend before my trip to Thailand so I plan on laying everything out and getting everything in order before I leave. I'll also be working on a fun DIY project for my apartment. Thanks to Craigslist, I got a super cute bookcase for $20 and all it needs is a new coat of paint and a new pretty knob. I can't wait to show y'all! See ya Monday!


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