Summer Bucket List

- go to a drive in
- camp out under the stars
- have a picnic in the park (under the shade of a tree of course)
- got to a festival
- try cooking something completely new for dinner
- spend the day exploring your area on bike
- have a bonfire with smores
- eat dinner al fresco (maybe save this for the end of summer)
- make homemade watermelon margaritas
- go on a road trip
- try a new hobby
- do something that scares you
- check out the local farmer's market
- go to a museum
- bake something fun
- try as many new restaurants as you can
- host a summer party
- finish a book
- spend a day soaking in the sun at the lake or pool
- travel somewhere new
- make homemade ice cream
- go hiking
- make a blanket fort in your living room
- go berry picking
- pull an all nighter & watch the sun rise

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