Product Review: L'Occitane Gentle Toner

Since I graduated college, I have been on a major skincare kick. There is just something so relaxing about taking care of my skin each morning before I start my day and each evening before I go to bed. I guess it also makes me feel more like an adult, you know...preventing wrinkles and everything else that comes with aging. 

I have so much joy going into Sephora, Ulta, or TJ Maxx looking for new products to try. I seriously could spend hours browsing the skincare section! Recently, I attended an event at L'Occitane and fell in love with the most amazing toner. Going into L'Occitane you only think expensive, right? Well you are wrong! This toner is only $24 and it is life changing. 

Previously, I had only used toners from TJ Maxx and didn't even know there was a gentle, alcohol-free kind. My previous toners left my face feeling dry and rough, but this L'Occitane toner leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. You can definitely feel the added shea butter! After trying this, I will never go back to an alcohol based toner. If you want to give your skin some major love (without breaking the bank), this is a great first step! Click on the links above to shop!

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