Winter Closet Staples

1. Glen Plaid
Glen plaid is making a come back this Winter. I love the idea of it as a jacket, pants or a skirt. It is also a great piece to have for work.

2. Bold Red
Who doesn't love a good color pop or red?! Especially if you live in Georgia, because we can cheer on all our teams in this color. Also, we've got Valentine's Day coming up, so what better time to buy red than now?

3. Oversized Turtleneck
What a great item to have for chilly weather. These are great to dress up or down!

4. White Booties
One of my favorite Winter trends! These add a wow factor to any outfit you wear and are just so dang fun to walk around in.

5. Bomber Jacket
Why not freshen up your jacket game with a fun bomber? These are a great casual piece.

6. Chunky Scarf
Another cold weather essential. This thing will keep you warm and stylish in freezing temperatures.


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