Rainy Weekend Ahead!

We've made it to the weekend! Even though it's going to rain ALL weekend here in Atlanta, I am happy to have some time to relax. I have zero plans and I am super excited about it! Maybe i'll go see a movie or try a new restaurant...the world is my oyster. Sunday, I am heading up to Charlotte for the day/night so if anyone has any recommendations, please send them my way! See ya Monday!


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Watch one of these romantic movies to get ready for Valentine's Day.

Weekend Dish Recommendation: Madeleines + Blood Orange Turmeric Caramel

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Nordstrom has up to 40% off closet must haves.
My top 3: these workout leggings, this fuzzy sweater and this coat.

Madewell has 20% off Valentine's Day items.
My top 3: this fringe cuff, these fun sunglasses and this lavender sea soak.

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