Super Bowl Weekend

It is finally February! Did it feel like January lasted forever to anyone else?! I seriously thought it would never end. Now that we're in February, it's time for everything pink and red and hopefully slightly warmer weather. Fingers crossed the warmer weather part happens, because I am so over this freezing cold. 

Luckily, this was a pretty chill work week for me. Next week will be crazy though, so it was good to be able to get a lot done this week. This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday! Honestly though, this year i'm mostly watching for the commercials and halftime show. I can't wait to see JT kill it! What are y'all up to this weekend?


If you shop at both Costco and Trader Joe's, this is a must read article. 

We're at the age where people are starting to buy their first home. Here is a guide on how to buy one in 5 years!

Weekend Dish Recommendation: Coconut Curry Chicken + Cauliflower Rice

Start planning a trip this month to one of these awesome spots.

Neiman Marcus has up to 40% off new markdowns.
My top 3: these moto performance tights, this leather jacket, and these skinny jeans.

Anthropologie has an extra 25% off sale.
My top 3: these booties, this gold coffee table, and this wallpaper

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