Places To Visit: Nowak's

Last week, I got to check out a new restaurant in my neighborhood called Nowak's. The space it is in has changed hands too many times to even count, but hopefully this place is here to stay. If you ever ate at Rosebud or Morningside Kitchen, the interiors won't look amy different to you. It is still light, airy and brick filled! 

Now to the most important part...the food! The menu is packed with delicious dishes and cocktails that have a New Orleans style flair. I got to try a few appetizers, entrees and desserts and they were all amazing!

Pictures above are the bleu cheese chips and crab cakes topped with remoulade. They were both so good, but the chips were amazing!

This is the shrimp remoulade, which was a delicious and light appetizer. It's gulf shrimp topped with remoulade and cocktail sauce, all over a bed of iceberg lettuce. It tasted so fresh!

Last but not least, this is an almond crusted fish (I am the worst and forgot the exact type) that is fried. It was really good and flaky. The marinated tomatoes were amazing as well! Overall, this place was great! The service was above and beyond and the food was packed with flavor. I love the space, especially since it's walking distance from my house. Go check them out next time you're in the Morningside area! 

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