Meet Sydney

Me in my element...with a margarita in hand!

Hi, I'm Sydney, the brains behind North of Peachtree. I am so happy you visited my blog (on purpose or a coincidence, it doesn’t matter!) and decided to learn a little more about me. I am so flattered!

I'm a mid-twenty year old living in Atlanta, Georgia. I work with my mom as a manufacture rep in the hospitality industry. I am the mom to a precious and rambunctious mini Goldendoodle pup named Gracie. She brings more joy and love into my life than I could of ever imagined.

I started North of Peachtree back in 2014, right after I graduated college. I was still trying to figure out my place in the adult world and wanted to use this blog as an outlet to express the things that make me smile. Two years later, I continue to use my blog for that same purpose. Through my love of cooking, fashion, shopping, traveling, and food, I hope to inspire my readers to get out there and live a life that is filled with things that bring them joy.

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